95 Persons with Disabilities graduated from ‘Jigjiga’ Polytechnic College(#JPTC) and two Community-Based Training (CBT) Centers in ‘Kebribeyah’ towns.

The Executive Director of ECDD, Dr. Getahun Semeon, welcomed participants and invited guests and congratulated the graduates. The Graduation ceremony was honored by the representatives of International Labour Organizations (#ILO) in Ethiopia.

Graduates were trained in metalwork, woodwork, garment and beautification for two and three months depend on the field of the training. The training aimed to equip trainees with the essential soft-skills necessary to secure acquired valuable knowledge and abilities to ensure they are job-ready.

ENHANCE project will continue to provide startup kits and technical support for the graduates in income generating activities that gradually enables them to be self-employed.

The Graduation ceremony was held at ‘Jigjiga Polytechnic College’ (#JPTC) on September 21, 2023. ECDD-ENHANCE project has been funded by the #ILO since 2022.

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