Traffic Police Members Trained in Sign Language: Advancing Disability Voices, Advocating Rights and National Coordination in Ethiopia (ADVANCE) Project of ECDD provided ‘Basic Ethiopian Sign Language Training’ to Traffic Police Members Addis Ababa.

16 Traffic Police Officers (15 females and 1 male) participated in the ten-day training from June 7-21, 2023 at the ‘Ethiopian National Association of the Blind meeting hall.

The basic Ethiopian Sign Language Training for traffic police officers provides numerous advantages including inclusive effective emergency response, equal treatment under the law, improve traffic safety, enhance enforcement capabilities, increase trust and cooperation, and positive community perception.

At the closing ceremony of the training, trainees introduced themselves, performed short plays, and shared experiences on the stage using Ethiopian Sign Language.

Advancing Disability Voices, Advocating Rights, and National Coordination in Ethiopia (ADVANCE) project is financially supported by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission(#FELM). The project commenced in 2022 and will continue up until December 31st, 2025.


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