ECDD- KEFTA project held Disability Inclusion Awareness Training in ‘Adama City’

ECDD KEFTA project conducted Capacity Building and Disability Inclusion Awareness Training (DIAT) for 42 participants  of KEFTA consortium program implementers from August 29 -30, 2022 in ‘Adama City’, Ethiopia.

‘Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Advocacy Methods Training’ held in Addis Ababa.

ECDD- Advancing Disability Voice, Rights Advocacy and National Coordination in Ethiopia (ADVANCE) project conducted training on ‘Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Advocacy Methods’ for Organization of Persons with Disability (OPDs) leaders and staff from Sept.3-4,2022 in Addis Ababa. The training was sponsored by Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).

ECDD ‘Minch’ team promoted ‘Minch 6768’ in ‘Hawassa City’

ECDD ‘Minch’ team promoted ‘Minch 6768’ in ‘Hawassa City’ for Organization of Persons with Disability (OPD) members from August 30-31, 2022. ‘Minch 6768’ platform is free interactive information center for disability issues in Ethiopia. The program was funded by Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).

Program Priorities

Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Disability rights and advocacy helps to make persons with disabilities and the general public aware, so governments can be held accountable.

Inclusive Health Services

Increased awareness among health professionals to provide basic health services, and make referrals for specialized services, to persons with disabilities, and their families by 2023.

Inclusive Education

Improved design and implementation of inclusive education policies and legal frameworks for students with disabilities by 2023 as a result of ECDD support.

Inclusive Livelihoods

Increased number of individuals with disabilities earning income through participation in sustainable self and group income-generating activities by 2023

Social Inclusion and Protection

Improved design and implementation of inclusive social protection policies and practices for persons with disabilities by 2023

Inclusive Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response

Disability inclusion in all
phases of emergency response and preparedness is crucial and required.


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Ababu Teshome (PHD)

The Empower project has become a turning point to change the medical based socially constructed community to think about an inclusive higher learning institute in the area of teaching, research and community service engagement.

Sp/Ne/Edu/Support Center Directorate Director.

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Together we are strong

“Tekle, who is 28, 10+3, sociable and active, is a barber in a rented small shop. Almaz, who is 25, 10th grade, has many skills to support their life. She makes sauce named datta /ዳጣ/ basically from green pepper and pepper powder /በርበሬ/ when ordered to prepare and dresses women’s hair in traditional way /ሹሩባ/.

Couples benefited from SRH and life skill Training

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Addis Asfawosen

ECDD implemented Accessibility modification works at the Debre Berhan University.
On behalf of Debre Berhan University I am would like to express my heartfelt thanks to ECDD/EMPOWER Project for their ongoing support.

Gender and Cross Cutting Issues Directorate Director /Debre Berhan University

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