Ninety-five Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons with Disabilities received hard and soft skills training at ‘Jigjiga Polytechnic College’ in August 2023.ENHANCE Project provided hard and soft skills training for two months for 95 refugees and internally displaced persons with disabilities. The training was provided for two months (June-July 2023) at ‘Jigjiga Polytechnic College’ and two Community-Based Training (CBT) Centers in ‘Kebribeyah’ town of Somali Regional State.

                                       Site Visit in Jigjiga Polytechnic College

The training is believed to have equipped persons with disabilities to develop a strong foundation of technical expertise in their chosen woodwork, metalwork, beautification, and tailoring fields. ENHANCE project has been implemented by #ECDD and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through the International Labour Organization(#ILO).



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