Abraham Mesfin

Personal detail

NAME: Abraham Mesfin


Age: 23

Disability type: low vision

Marital status: Single

Department: ECONOMICS

Cumulative: GPA-3.58

Address city /Town: Dejene (East Gojjam Amhara region)

current job status: Undergraduate Student

Contact address – DU

The way to success

how the EMPOWER project impacted your campus life
The empower project has an important impact on my life. A project has brought a significant positive achievement on my campus life. To mention a few of them: It enabled me to have positive thinking towards my disability because of disability and inclusion awareness training given by EMPOWER project. It assisted me to have free access to large printed course teaching materials, copies, and download document from internet. These conditions improved my academic performance and participation in the classroom. The life skill and SRS trainings given by ECDD and center had brought a significant contribution to bring about a positive behavior to my disability. It also helped me to cultivate high ethical and moral value standards. As a result, my civic engagement and commitment has been grown up. I also developed self-confident and self-actualization as a result of continuously provided training.

Challenges faced during campus life there are different types of challenges faced during my campus life with respect to disability and other conditions for instance these challenges are

  1. Financial shortage: Due to the insufficient income level of my family, I am challenged to fulfill expenses for purchasing note book and pencil.
  2. Social factors: When I was first year student, I faced social exclusion mainly from class mate negative perception. Students with out disabilities were not ready to welcome a student with mobility challenge. For example, they were not happy to work with them in group study, travel in the campus, play foot ball and others. In terms of communication, I was challenged to have smooth communication. Some of them were not willing to sit with me for discussion.
  3. Three political factors: Due to political instability and its negative impact on students in the campus, I am so frustrated. Accordingly, I preferred to reside outside the campus. The political instability caused mistrust and uncomfortable learning zone on the teaching-learning situation in the campus.
  4. Environmental factors: The newly constructed buildings, classrooms and workshops are inaccessible for mobility during the time of tutorial classes arranged during evening Hours and group project activities. Accordingly, I am physically challenged to move independently from class to other class/laboratory/workshop and others. On top of that, the high level of temperature is also causing malaria and other tropical disease which is intolerable and causing high vulnerability to more unhealthy living and worst situation. As a result, I was challenged to sit for long Hours to my study and project work. This unfavourable condition put negative pressure to score low academic achievement.

Methods of overcoming the challenge

By means of reducing the negative expectation about PWDS, by following my strength and reducing my weakness, by developing unity in diversity related value for myself, developing self confidence and gives value for myself, control peer pressure, creating as with relationship b/n others.
• To sum up, the above-mentioned challenges are minimized by applying coping life skill strategies which I have been familiarized to training due to EMPOWER project in the last two years project implementation period.

Social life at university

• I have good relationship with others
• I have good communication skill • respect my friends and my teachers and I help my friends by any things if I can generally I thing I have a good social life in DILLA UNIVERSITY.

Life after graduation

•my life will be in the future in their will be a permission of God I wish I will join good job with my profession economics or related jobs after that I will give out effort to the country and help my family economically and I want to be a self reliant man.


My future goal I want to be disciplined and specialized man with my profession economics.
Messages for other

    The gov`t should be construct the project and help the persons with disability up to village and the gov`t should solve the inferiority of Pwds by giving training and other means
  2. for the center of ECDD in DU the center give job opportunities for PWDS the center should be provide chance for graduated students that are based on the centers criteria for persons with or create conducive env`t for PWDS as much as.
  3. for the PWDS
    you have to avoid the negative altitude of disability and pwds should be hard worker and you have to participate in this center
    the society must create a good envt for PWDS the society avoid stigma
    Economically physiologically, physically and other need for PWDS and they create awareness nothing to disability and initiate the work of PWDS .



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